• RADIO 20.02.05

    2020/02/07 (Fri), 18:00-@ Live appearance on NHK Yokohama Broadcasting Station "Hama ☆ Kira!" Yokohama 81.9MHz / Odawara 83.5MHz.
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  • LIVE 20.01.23

    February 21,2020(Fri) Appeared at Ladies Concert at Fukuho Club !!
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  • NEWS 19.12.25

    December 27 (Fri) 12: 00-11 hours special
    LEO will perform live on MUSIC STATION Ultra SUPERLIVE 2019.

    First collaboration with Music Station Super Live 2019 and the “Daimei no nai ongakukai” for the 55th anniversary of the broadcast! SP performance with Kentaro Kawase as conductor and Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra as orchestra. Hitoto Yo × Kanji Ishimaru × Koto Artist LEO "Morai naki", "Hanamizuki" (Performance scheduled around 14:30)

  • NEWS 19.11.16

    2020/1/9(Thu)、Appeared in "Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra Special Concert 14th Fresh Concert" !!Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra Special Concert

  • NEWS 19.11.16

    219/11/24(Sun)Hase Yukisei School Hundred Years Traditional Japanese Music Exhibition Vol.5-Performed at the Kumamoto National Music Competition Best Prize Winner Concert.

  • NEWS 19.11.16

    2019/11/24(sun)・12/01(sun)、5:30~6:00 Guest appearance in Fm yokohama “THE SOUND OF JAPAN”.

  • NEWS 19.11.16

    2019/11/19(Tue)・20(wed)、26:00~26:30 Guest appearance in Fm yokohama “THE SOUND OF JAPAN”.


February 21,2020(Fri) Ladies Concert at Fukuho Club

February 21,2020(Fri) Start 18:30(Open 18:00)
Pavilion Hall NOGAKUDO
free entrance・All seats free
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Fukuho Club
Fukuho Bank