• INFO 18.11.30

    12/3(Mon)21:30~、Leo will appear in Radio TOKYOFM Ooya Shizuka's ENKATSU.

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    DVD「LEO LIVE:二十歳の邂逅(Hatachi no Kaiko)」(Now on sale)Published jacket photos · recorded tracks · PV (Live Version) released!! Purchase · Details here>>>

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    12/15 (Sat) 10: 00 ~ Leo will appear in TV Asahi "Untitled Concert"!

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    November 14, 2018(Wednesday) LEO will appear on“TENDAISHOMYO NO YUBE” Click here for details>>>

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    9/24(Monday)〜30(Sunday)、Over 30 countries nationwide On the net "MUSIC B.B." As a Pick Up artist On Air!!Click here for details >>>

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    DVD「LEO LIVE:Hatachi no Kaiko(Temporary)」、11/28 Release decision!!
    Decided to release the DVD containing the『LEO Encounters:邂逅』 release live performance touches on August 30, 2018. ★Details of the contents are here>>>

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    Cover & Volume top interview published in the monthly Japanese music information magazine "Japanese music journal"!!
    ※Cover&Volume top interview posted!★Homepage is here>>>

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    8/24 (Friday),Posted on Tokyo Newspaper Morning Paper Culture and Entertainment!!
    ※Posted on cultural entertainment "Enjoy traditional performing arts"!! ★You can see the article from here.


〈Mizuho Financial Group〉The 30th Anniversary Concert 2019

January 14, 2019(Monday) 15:00 Open
SuntoryHall large hall
Conductor:Ryuichiro Sonoda
Violin:Rika Masato、Tatsuki Narita、Kaoru Oe、KazuhitoYamane
actor・Talking:Kojiro Oka(Jean Valjean)
actor・Talking:Kenji Urai(Enjolras)
barytone:Syunsuke Imai(Javert)
barytone:Toru Kaku(Miserables)
tenor:Kohei Ichikawa(Grantaire)
soprano:Yui Takahashi(Cosette)
mezzosoprano:Rie Shimozono(Éponine)
bass barytone:Naoki Ikeda(Thénardier)
mezzosoprano:Ai Ishii(Madame Thénardier)
Tokyo City Phil Coer
Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra
【piece of music】
Tadao Sawai:―Seventeen strings for liberating― 『Hana ni naru』
Vivaldi:『Four seasons』
Jean Valignin says 『60 minutes Remyse』(Viktor Hugo:novel『Les Miserables』)〈Concert style、Prologue/Japanese subtitles〉
S6,200 A5,100 B4,100 student2,000
Ticket space 03-3234-9999