• TV 18.12

    12/15 (Sat) 10: 00~ Leo will appear in TV Asahi "Untitled Concert".

  • RADIO 18.12

    12/3(Mon)21:30~、Leo will appear in Radio TOKYOFM Ooya Shizuka's ENKATSU.

  • TV 18.09

    Appeared as a Pick Up artist at more than 30 stations nationwide "MUSIC B.B."

  • MAGAZINE 18.08

    Monthly Japanese Music Information Magazine「Japanese music journal」Vol.380(18.9) Cover & Volume top interview posted.

  • TABLOID 18.08

    Tokyo Shimbun newspaper Morning education Culture Recreation area "Enjoy traditional performing arts" posted.

  • RADIO 18.08

    J-WAVE「TOKYO MORNING RADIO」studio live appearance.

  • RADIO 18.08

    J-WAVE「RINREI CLASSY LIVING」guest appearance.

  • RADIO 18.07

    J-WAVE「ACROSS THE SKY」studio live appearance.

  • TV 18.04

    Appeared in MBS Production Rights / TBS Nationwide Network documentary "Jōnetsu tairiku"

  • TV 17.09

    NHK ETV "Nippon no Geino" Concert Performance (Re) broadcasting.

  • RADIO 17.09

    NHK FM Kabuki actor / Hayato Nakamura DJ "Japanese music jockey" guest appearance.

  • TABLOID 17.08

    THE JAPAN NEWS (Yomiuri English) "POP STYLE"column posted.

  • TABLOID 17.08

    Sankei Shimbun "Hanagata deban desu" the series of three interviews posted.

  • TABLOID 17.08

    Classical music magazine "Bravo August issue" interview posted.

  • TABLOID 17.08

    Kanagawa newspaper morning edition "Imakana" interview posted.

  • TABLOID 17.06

    Yomiuri Shimbun Evening edition "POP STYLE" posted.

  • TV 17.05

    NHK ETV "Nippon no Geino" Concert performance broadcasting.

  • WEB 17.04

    MUSIC VOICE interview posted.

  • WEB 17.04

    CD Journal interview posted.

  • TV 14.07

    NHK-ETV "Nippon no Geino" Solo live Performance broadcasting.