• TV 21.03.05

    "Hakuju Hall 156th Reclining Concert LEO Koto Recital" will be broadcast at NHK-BS Premium "Classical Club" from 5am on 3/17 (Wed.).

  • TV 21.02.24

    March 9th (Tuesday) 13: 00-13: 30 LEO will appear on TV Asahi's "Tetsuko's Room".
    * Broadcast dates may change due to circumstances.

  • MEDIA 21.02.05

    The second part of the portrait & interview was published in "Current Location of Koto Artist LEO" in Premium Japan.

  • MEDIA 21.01.13

    Appear on BS Fuji "Tokyo 03 in UNDERDOGS". ■ January 17 (Sun): # 16: 24: 30-25: 00 ■ January 31 (Sun): # 16 repeat: 24: 00-24: 30
    Click here for details>>

  • MEDIA 21.01.13

    January 23, 2021 Appeared on TV Asahi's "Untitled Concert". "A concert to challenge the Beatles with Japanese musical instruments"
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  • MEDIA 21.01.13

    7 MEN Samurai and LEO are collaborating on "MUSIC STATION x Johnny's Jr. Special LIVE" (DVD). DVD is a completely made-to-order product that can only be purchased by those who have made a reservation in advance. Please check the official program website for details.

  • WEB 21.01.06

    "Koto Artist LEO: Guided by the sound of the koto that signaled the beginning of life" was published in Premium Japan.

  • TV 20.06.27

    June 27 (Sat.), 10:00am~ TV Asahi "Daimeino nai Concert"!
    "Music concert beyond the door"
    When you open the door, it opens up to the sea, grasslands, forests, mountains, and exotic cityscapes. A musician plays a song that imagines the place in the scenery. A magnificent scenic trip project with music!
    ♪ Kaori Muraji, Takashi Matsunaga, Kohei Ueno, LEO (Leo Konno) and others
    Click here for the program website ≫

  • Youtube 20.06.27

    "Jounetsu Tairiku Youtube Channel"
    LEO appears on YouTube channel of "Jounetsu Tairiku"!
    LEOl delivers the message of stay home and the performance of "Sakura Gaite Godan".
    Even the cooking skills...! ? Please take a look.
    ■ The elegant melody of "Sakura" by a 22-year-old koto player! LEO Konno is also the best cook! ? [Stay Home]
    Click here for the program website ≫

  • TV 20.04.03

    LEO is participating in the new theme song of NHK ETV's "Nippon no Geijo" composed by Dai Fujikura!
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  • TV 20.04.03

    On 4/4(Sat), I appeared on TV Asahi's "Untitled Concert"!
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  • TV 20.03.03

    NHK Utakon [Seven and a half characters! Beatles & Spring Uta Special] Yuzu "Hanasaki Ku Street" live appearance.

  • RADIO 20.02.07

    NHK Yokohama FM broadcast "Hama ★ Kira!] Live appearance.

  • RADIO 20.01.01

    Wednesday, January 01, 2020,9:00-17:55
    Live appearance in J-Wave(NEW TEARS SPECIAL TOWARDS THE DREAM).

  • TV 20.01.01

    Wednesday, January 01, 2020, 5: 50-9: 30 Live appearance on Nippon Television's “New Year Shuichi”.
    Koto will play a KAT-TUN Yuichi Nakamaru's beatbox at the "Kanji of the Year" corner by Hideyuki Nakayama.

  • NEWS 19.12.25

    December 27 (Fri) 12: 00-11 hours special
    LEO will perform live on MUSIC STATION Ultra SUPERLIVE 2019.

    First collaboration with Music Station Super Live 2019 and the “Daimei no nai ongakukai” for the 55th anniversary of the broadcast! SP performance with Kentaro Kawase as conductor and Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra as orchestra. Hitoto Yo × Kanji Ishimaru × Koto Artist LEO "Morai naki", "Hanamizuki" (Performance scheduled around 14:30)

  • NEWS 19.11.16

    2019/11/24(sun)・12/01(sun)、5:30~6:00 Guest appearance in Fm yokohama “THE SOUND OF JAPAN”.

  • NEWS 19.11.16

    2019/11/19(Tue)・20(wed)、26:00~26:30 Guest appearance in Fm yokohama “THE SOUND OF JAPAN”.

  • NEWS 19.11.01

    Appear on TV Asahi “55th Anniversary Reunion Special Concert”

  • TV 19.09.18

    10/5 10:00~(rebroadcast)10/6 8:00~(plan) Appear in TV Asahi"Untitled concert"「The 55th anniversary of the untitled concert!REIWA Special Concert」

  • TV 19.09.18

    9/28 10:00~(rebroadcast)9/29 8:00~(plan) Appear in TV Asahi"Untitled concert"「29th Idemitsu Music Award Winners Gala Concert」,Gala concert by 3 winners will be broadcast.

  • MAGAZINE 19.05.23

    LEO was published in the Gravure Feature of the May 30 issue of Syukan Bunshun.

  • TABLOID 19.05.23

    LEO was published in May 22nd Yomiuri Shimbun "Miho Nakai fell in love at first sight".

  • TV 18.12.26

    1/1(New Year's Day)12:00~13:00, Leo will appear on NHK ETV "Shinsyun Ganpuku".

  • RADIO 18.12.26

    1/1(New Year's Day)8:35~, Leo will appear on"J-WAVE「TOKYO MORNING RADIO」".

  • INFO 18.12.26

    1/3(Tue)、Leo will appear on stage "J-Culture Fest" at Tokyo International Forum.
    1st stage13:30~ 2nd stage16:00~

  • RADIO 18.12.26

    1/3(Tue)16:00~、Leo will appear live on "NHK-FM J-Culture Fest".

  • RADIO 18.11.30

    12/3(Mon)21:30~、Leo will appear in Radio TOKYOFM Ooya Shizuka's ENKATSU.

  • TV 18.12

    12/15 (Sat) 10: 00~ Leo will appear in TV Asahi "Untitled Concert".

  • RADIO 18.12

    12/3(Mon)21:30~、Leo will appear in Radio TOKYOFM Ooya Shizuka's ENKATSU.

  • TV 18.09

    Appeared as a Pick Up artist at more than 30 stations nationwide "MUSIC B.B."

  • MAGAZINE 18.08

    Monthly Japanese Music Information Magazine「Japanese music journal」Vol.380(18.9) Cover & Volume top interview posted.

  • TABLOID 18.08

    Tokyo Shimbun newspaper Morning education Culture Recreation area "Enjoy traditional performing arts" posted.

  • RADIO 18.08

    J-WAVE「TOKYO MORNING RADIO」studio live appearance.

  • RADIO 18.08

    J-WAVE「RINREI CLASSY LIVING」guest appearance.

  • RADIO 18.07

    J-WAVE「ACROSS THE SKY」studio live appearance.

  • TV 18.04

    Appeared in MBS Production Rights / TBS Nationwide Network documentary "Jōnetsu tairiku"

  • TV 17.09

    NHK ETV "Nippon no Geino" Concert Performance (Re) broadcasting.

  • RADIO 17.09

    NHK FM Kabuki actor / Hayato Nakamura DJ "Japanese music jockey" guest appearance.

  • TABLOID 17.08

    THE JAPAN NEWS (Yomiuri English) "POP STYLE"column posted.

  • TABLOID 17.08

    Sankei Shimbun "Hanagata deban desu" the series of three interviews posted.

  • TABLOID 17.08

    Classical music magazine "Bravo August issue" interview posted.

  • TABLOID 17.08

    Kanagawa newspaper morning edition "Imakana" interview posted.

  • TABLOID 17.06

    Yomiuri Shimbun Evening edition "POP STYLE" posted.

  • TV 17.05

    NHK ETV "Nippon no Geino" Concert performance broadcasting.

  • WEB 17.04

    MUSIC VOICE interview posted.

  • WEB 17.04

    CD Journal interview posted.

  • TV 14.07

    NHK-ETV "Nippon no Geino" Solo live Performance broadcasting.